Lauren Ray – Drive (Tamlan Records) 
Lauren Ray - Drive

Release Date: 29th April 2016

London based singer Lauren Ray is hailed by her PR as a little Norah Jones in places which is not necessarily a bad thing but Norah Jones does seem to have become a watchword for bland in musical circles these days so it’s a bold move. New single ‘Drive’ is a gentle, piano lead piece of smooth Sunday morning Jazz that is designed for white sheets, broadsheet newspapers and fresh coffee. Ray’s voice is sweet and perfectly suited to this style of music but there is very little here to move me and a particularly annoying drum sound that seems to punctuate through the whole tune like a loud clock when you’re trying to sleep at 3.00am. So, in summary, lovely voice and inoffensive tune but nothing that would make me get out of bed on a Sunday morning I’m afraid.

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Live Dates:

 14th April – Caffe Nero, Bristol
15th April – Caffe Nero, Birmingham
18th April – Caffe Nero, Manchester
19th April – Caffe Nero, Leeds
20th April – Caffe Nero, Nottingham
21st April – Caffe Nero, Norwich
22nd April – Caffe Nero, Cambridge
28th April – Caffe Nero, Canterbury

8th July – Cornbury Festival