Fat Relic – Better Alone 
Fat Relic - Better Alone

Release Date: Out Now

You can argue until the cows come home about which music is cooler, more worthy or speaks to your soul more – trust me, I’ve seen those cows coming through the door – but if you give me a nice bass grove and some sexy horns then I’m happy to just dance the night away. London collective Fat Relic have ticked both of those boxes on new single ‘Better Alone’ but there is also a delightful soup of scratchy guitars, smooth keys and a tight rhythm bubbling away to keep the mood swinging. Fat Relic mix soul, funk and old skool rhythm and blues to make a tune that is sure to get any party swinging but it’s the musicianship across the band that really grabs the attention. These guys are primed to be a smash on the festival circuit in the same way that Tankus the Henge have burst through in the last 18 months. A band this good on record has to be great live, right?