Yawning Dog - Sponge / /Heads 
Yawning Dog - Sponge / / Heads

Release Date: Out Now

A noisy little double A-side from Yorkshire noiseniks Yawning Dog? Oh go on then. First up is 'Sponge', a grinding, snarling, twisting post-grunge number that rattles and lunges with low slung attitude. Channelling the likes of Kerbdog and Mudhoney with a hint of Frank Black about the vocals, there is a deliciously sinister flavour to this track. 'Heads' is more of a straight up garage-punk number with ferocious beats and primal riffage evoking the spirit of Henry Rollins in his early days or Pere Ubu at his most eccentric. Uncompromising, frenetic and passionate but without compromising on a decent melody - 20 years ago Yawning Dog would have got a Peel session for sure but the best I can offer them is a good Mongering.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/yawningdogband/?fref=ts

Listen/Download: https://www.musicglue.com/yawning-dog/

Live Dates:

11th June - Long Division Festival, Wakefield