Vangoffey - Sucker (Distiller Records) 
Vangoffey - Sucker

Release Date: 14th March 2016

So this is something of a indie supergroup and my appetite is officially whet. Put ex-Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey at the helm and then bring in Babyshambles guitarist Drew McConnell, Louis from Rialto and the offspring of Pulp bassist Steve Mackey (Marley if you can fathom it) and you've got some kind of 90s/00s indie gang bang wet dream. Fey indie orgies aside, 'Sucker' is a summer singalong indie anthem in the making and if anyone remembers Me Me Me then this is essentially the second coming of that particular messiah. Disco synths and hand claps are pushed along but some Dexy's acoustic and the spirit of swinging 60s London whilst a funky guitar and Bowie style backing vocals ties it all together. Essentially, this tune is everything that is great about English music all wrapped up in a three and a half minute parcel so you'd be a fool not to unwrap it.

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Live Dates:

14th March - The Social, London

15th March - Wheatsheaves, Frome