Deux Furieuses - Kill Us 
Deux Furieuses - Kill Us

Release Date: Out Now

Now here are a pair you don't want to mess with. Not just because this taster for their forthcoming debut album is an absolute beast but because, well, I've met them and trust me you don't want to cross them. Ros and Vas, for they are Deux Furieuses , are teasing the darkest of your taste buds with 'Kill Us' so I would really only pop this one in your mouth if you're ready for a dark, bitter taste that you might find hard to swallow. Chiming, 'Pure Morning' era Placebo-esque guitars are pummelled in to shape by the forge-heavy drums before being soothed by the most terrifying siren song you're ever likely to hear. Menace seeps from every pore like those dreams where you can see someone sitting in the corner of your bedroom but you can't quite see their face in the half-light. Deux Furieuses have always been impressively heavy and hard hitting but this new darkness and atmosphere is delightfully enticing and 'Kill Us' couldn't be a more enticing flavour of the now hotly anticipated (by me, at least) debut album.

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Live Dates:

24th March - The Windmill, London w/Little Death Machine + Black Moon 1348

3rd April - Art Beat Weekend, London