Bryde - Help Yourself 
Bryde - Help Yourself

Release Date: Out Now

Brixton needs a new hero to follow now that the pile of flowers in front of David Bowie's mural are starting to attract bugs and Bryde might just be that hero. Bryde's new single 'Help Yourself' has already been getting good responses around the scene so this may not be new to many but for those of you who haven't heard it yet, listen up. Bryde's softly sinister vocal style fits in the pigeon hole alongside Bat For Lashes and Laura Marling but there's a slickness, a confidence that is more aligned with the likes of Ladyhawke or Florence + The Machine. Now, if you put all that together with some thudding drums, warm guitars and some sweeping melodies what you've got is a real statement of intent that will leave the pretenders cold with fear. Bryde is the real deal, nuff said.

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Live Dates:

18th March - La Fleche d'Or, Paris
25th March - Parc Pantry, Newport
2nd April - St John's Church Hall, Woodbridge
5th April - Prince Albert, Stroud
9th April - Dim Swn Festival 2016, Cardiff
14th May - The Slaughtered Lamb, London

21st June - Rockwood Music Hall, New York