Alla - The Shining 
Alla - The Shining

Release Date: Out Now

A song by a classically trained Romanian singer-songwriter inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'? Oh hell yes. Alla is a quirky package and 'The Shining' delivers on that promise with a brooding acoustic line approaching from the horizon like an unstoppable grim reaper on a Harley channelling Jose Gonzalez. Following some distant, semi-religious chanting, a scuzzy guitar line kicks in and suddenly this tune takes on more purpose. Think PJ Harvey, a dirtier Ladyhawke, Portishead as performed by Primal Scream or Josh Homme's little sister and you're getting close to this tune but the rippling layers of melody scythed through by that buzz-saw guitar are a thing of forbidden beauty. Alla is a genuinely enthralling talent on the evidence of this track and the menace contained within the music is the perfect match for the title - if I find out she's got a twin sister, though, I'm going to put this review in the fridge.

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