Ace Wilder – Don’t Worry 
Ace Wilder - Don't Worry

Release Date: Out Now

So the job of this blog is to listen to as much new music as I physically can and pick out the tunes or artists of note – for better or worse. Now for some that would equate to having a high brow approach to everything I listen to but I’ve got a fun side too and Swedish pop starlet Ace Wilder appeals to that sense of fun in a big way. If ‘Don’t Worry’ was a Eurovision entry Wilder would surely win with this tune due to its infectious melody, upbeat piano riff, 90s horn blasts and the relentless energy bound up in the song. First world problems like kissing your boss, being subsequently unemployed and having slow Wi-Fi don’t bother our Ace, she’s on a mission to preach the good word of just not worrying and enjoying life regardless. Infectious, uplifting and huge pop fun in a way that only the Scandinavians can do.

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