NARCS - Pig (Clue Records) 

Release Date: 26th February 2016

My favourite Leeds lads are back with a new single and a tour which is great news but you'd better strap yourself in as they aren't in the mood for fluffy pop ballads, oh no sir. Narcs' new single, the directly title 'Pig', is an attack to the senses from the moment you see the artwork to the triumphant end of the track itself and that's not even mentioning the video! Strained guitar notes drift out over tribal, insistent drums as feedback bleeds in from the corners before the distinctive voice of frontman Wilko kicks in with inbuilt distortion. The tension builds through the verses to a chorus that offers some respite but you just can't take your eyes off the video. Two and a half minutes in the song explodes in a hundred different directions with only the grumbling bass line keeping things remotely tethered in some sense of order. Not so much a return to form, then, but more a continuation of excellent work that has had me enthralled since I first heard these guys. A genuinely talented bunch with a bright future - no matter how bleak they see our future as.

Live Dates:

15th February - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London
16th February - Tunbridge Wells Forum, Tunbridge Wells
17th February - Green Door Store, Brighton
18th February - Cafe Indiependent, Scunthorpe
19th February - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
27th February - Gullivers, Manchester