Mohawk Radio - Two Million Heart Beats 
Mohawk Radio - Two Million Heart Beats

Release Date: 19th February 2016

Manchester band Mohawk Radio have gone and got themselves a great band name, which is a good start, but how does the music stack up? Well, 'Two Million Heart Beats' is somewhere between a 90s power ballad and some watered down nu-metal . Now, that might sound awful to some ears but once you've given this a couple of listens it does start to grow on you as the acoustic strumming, power drums and key stabs all build to support Mia Page's super impressive vocals - seriously, she sounds like a young Cher before she discovered auto-tune. So, great name and impressive tune but I wouldn't have put the name and style together in a million years (or two million heart beats - sorry, couldn't resist).

Live Dates:

20th February - Single Release @ Club Academy, Manchester