Ursa Major - Dusk 
Ursa Major - Dusk

Release Date: Out Now

A Toronto teenager who goes the name of Ursa Major and describes himself as "Psychedelic R&B, a middle ground between the sounds of the past and the production of the future", you say? Bit claims and a high pedestal to fall from....potentially. Musically this starts with a dark, foreboding bass drone soon followed by some sexy but cold beats and some surprisingly soulful vocals. As 'Dusk' unfolds it just racks up point upon point on the 'surprisingly impressed-o-meter' (patent pending) partly for the quality of the production and partly because of the maturity behind this tune. I can see a lot of people jumping on this band wagon that mixes the panache of Justin Timberlake, the edge of Boards of Canada and the mass appeal of Ed Sheeran. What shines through though is the soul at the heart of this tune, however, with the vocals, staccato flute and faded strings all adding to the overall charm. Stick around on that pedestal Ursa Major, you've earned your place.

Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/ursaspeaks/dusk-1