The Seige - Natalie Portman feat. Cheat Codes 
The Seige - Natalie Portman feat. Cheat Codes

Release Date: Out Now

What would drive you to write an ode to a woman known for advertising perfume and being Darth Vader's shag piece? You might well ask but that answer is this beast of an ode from The Seige featuring Cheat Codes. 'Natalie Portman' is the latest single from LA alt-rapper The Seige and it starts of like most movie related US pop tunes but then, well, then there's some weird folk lute playing and rapping so primal and rhythmic that you can't help but be swept away on the energy. The build of energy is perfect for getting hyped for a fight or preparing to go over the top of a trench, something achieved largely on the back of some huge drum sounds that are so sorely lacking in most modern rap and hip-hop. This is also the only song I've heard to rhyme 'mosh pit' with 'dog shit' as well as using the word 'blasphemy' as the key chorus word - nothing short of refreshing creative genius.

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