Tall Poppies - Cat Got Your Tongue? 
Tall Poppies - Cat Got Your Tongue? 

Release Date: 27th January 2016

Siblings in bands is a rare enough treat, often providing the kind of friction that results in great music. So to find a band with twins, such as Tall Poppies, is even more unusual and that makes 'Cat Got Your Tongue?' an extremely intriguing prospect. To describe this successfully I will have to ask you to imagine Franz Ferdinand fronted by a couple of Karen O lookalikes with the indie nous of the Raincoats and a smattering of violin. Primary colours and cat masks feature heavily in the video but it's the slinky, Long Blondes-esque bass line that has me purring (sorry, couldn't resist). There is chemistry here and a sense of purpose borne from a shared vision - whether these ladies are biological twins or just have a common goal, it certainly adds something to the music.

Live Dates:

27th January - Single Launch @ Servant Jazz Quarters, London