Seaker - Romeo 
Seaker - Romeo

Release Date: Out Now

So, ahem, this came through at the tail end of 2015 and I listened to it, loved it and reviewed it. Then Christmas happened and I completely forgot to post the review, which is a bit shit. Anyway, better late than never, as they say, so without further ado.....

Otherworldly songstress Seaker (currently residing in London) has a new tune for you to sip and swill around your aural cheeks to let all the flavours evaporate in to your soul. 'Romeo' is the slowest of slow dances with funereal organs and flittering Tabla laying a sparse backdrop for Seaker's vocal to float in like Sinead O'Connor with a touch more warmth. There is hope and despair in the shuddering beats that creep in from the corners while the fluttering keys that join in lift the spirits although you can't help but feel that the spirits are being lifted to an afterlife of some sort. Seaker will fit in along with likes of the XX, Soak, PJ Harvey and Florence Welch but there is something more immersive here that I suspect only a full length album or proper live show would allow you to fully appreciate.

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