The French Pop Dream - Silver Bells 
The French Pop Dream - Silver Bells

Release Date: Out Now

I've been inundated with Christmas songs this year, more so than ever, but this version of the classic 'Silver Bells' by the French Pop Dream stands out a mile. Sultry, Gallic, full of festive cheer and layered with multi-instrumental melodies, this is beautiful version of the 50s classic that transports you to a snowy city with golden glows in all the windows, busy crowds with armfuls of perfectly wrapped gifts and at the very least a touch of frost in the air, enough to let you see your breath. Anne Brugiere's vocal is delicate, dusky and soothing as you lull in to a mulled wine coma for around a week only to wake up with novelty socks and a belt that mysteriously no longer fits. An absolute stunner of a Christmas tune and no mistake.

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