Prison Issue - You Better Watch Out (Goodbye Weirdo Records) 
Prison Issue - You Better Watch Out

Release Date: 21st December 2015

Alright, so the artwork for this single suggests that this might be a slightly aggressive and potentially politically motivated song and the title, 'You Better Watch Out', doesn't do much to a challenge that impression. When you press play, though, well this tune just lays waste to each and every preconception you could possibly have. Elements of Outkast, New Kingdom and Snoop Dogg/Lion/Whatever he's called these days are all there as the swagger of the hip-hop and blues inspired music makes you feel like you've stumbled in to some hidden Christmas section of Grand Theft Auto. There also seems to be a sinister cameo from Stephen Hawking on vocals towards the end. Great tune but please, for the love of all things festive, do not play this to your children or the Christmas of the future is completely ruined. Seriously, just don't do it.

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