Mexrrissey - International Playgirl 
Mexrrissey - International Playgirl

Release Date: Out Now

OK, so anyone who knows me and has known me during drinking hours will know how long I can bang on about what a tiresome, irritating and altogether wasteful cretin I think Morrissey is. This gets me in to a fair few fights with music purists but fortunately music purists don't tend to spend that much time at the gym so the bruises heal fairly quickly. Anyway, Mexican Morrissey enthusiasts Mexrrissey have been good enough to send me their new release, 'International Playgirl', so the least I can do is stand my prejudice down....temporarily. So a rolling bass line and some Tijuana brass kick things off before a seductive Latino vocal snakes out of a tequila bottle and wraps itself around your hips. Plenty of cowbell and a scratchy sense of 90s indie that the likes of Lush would approve of also play a part. So, Morrissey, you caused this band to happen which is no bad thing but I'm still not happy with you, generally speaking. This isn't over....

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