Jude Woodhead - Beautiful Rain (Transgressive Records) 
Jude Woodhead - Beautiful Rain

Release Date: Out Now

I don't know a lot about Jude Woodhead other than he's a multi-talented musician from South London with a penchant for Congolese music and the work of Four Tet and Paul Simon. Intrigued? Me too. This debut offering starts as a dreamlike swirl of rhythms, low hummed vocals and electro melodies before settling in to the kind of tribal pulse that made Moby so bloody rich (minus all the car adverts, obvs). This is coming out at almost entirely the wrong time of year as this is the kind of tune that should adorn a BBC3 Glastonbury montage but I guess whatever time of year it is there's always space for a good tune with a great rhythm and the kind of intrigue that the likes of Lemon Jelly and Bent did so well with. Now come on Jude, tell us some more about yourself: what's your favourite KFC rip off joint in London town, for example?

More information: https://www.facebook.com/judewoodheadmusic/?fref=ts