Failure Machine - Beautiful Scene
Failure Machine - Beautiful Scene 

Release Date: Out Now

Fresh from their unveiling as the best band in the world outside of the United Kingdom (according to, well, me), Failure Machine are back with a new single. Those soulful Reno boys bring us 'Beautiful Scene' just in time for Christmas and there's a video too! We're talking the Black Keys take on modern Blues, some serious horns, the wry humour of Weezer but the soulful nature of James Brown - not bad for a bunch of white guys from Nevada. Oh and did I mention the licks and the chops? No? We'll these guys have got plenty of both and a gravelly vocal that makes me want to have babies as long as that voice can be the father. All that rolled up in to just over three minutes makes this punk pop soul funk blues and whole lotta fun. Now will SOMEBODY please book these guys a UK tour so I can go see them rock out in person please? PLEASE?!?!?

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31st December - Mission Theatre, Portland w/Jerry Joseph and the Jack Mormons