Arthr - Been Here Once Before 
Arthr - Been Here Once Before

Release Date: 20th December 2015

In among the slew of Christmas tunes that are currently flooding my inbox I received this intriguing little item which I am utterly compelled to share with you. Arthr, oddly, is the pseudonym of a fella named Christian and 'Been Here Once Before' is more of a short film with a soundtrack than a single but whatever the package, the gift inside is still just as exciting. The ticking of a solitary clock soon gives way to some spaced electro bleeps and throbs accompanied by a scuttling beat that doesn't know whether to get involved or not. Layers and layers of synthesised delights build up like some kind of electro lasagne as the slightly spooky video takes you on a tour of a derelict hotel just to add to the feeling of unease and loneliness being created here. Not something you would want on at the peak of a party but when all the hangers on have gone and your down to your last smoke and a half bottle of rum then this might just be your perfect jam.

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