Armchair Committee - Rawgabbit (Deaf Endling Records) 
Armchair Committee - Rawgabbit 

Release Date: 11th December 2015

When I first read the name of this song I thought it was an Elmur Phudd quote but I had the 'g' and the 'w' mixed up. Then I read it again and realised I had no idea what 'Rawgabbit' meant, turns out it's a person who speaks with complete self-assurance about something of which they know nothing. We all know one of those, right? Anyway, I digress, to the music. Bristol rockers Armchair Committee know how to pull out the big riffs and crotch thrusting blues swagger full of gravelly toned vocals and all the sex appeal of Prince in a leather onesie licking Slash's boots. This is big, big rock noise with slick production and a real sense of determined purpose. Well played, Armchair Committee.

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Live Dates:

12th December - The Louisiana, Bristol w/Loom + Queen Kwong

19th December - Secret Location, Bristol