Vanessa Forero - Heaven Knows 
Vanessa Forero - Heaven Knows

Release Date: 16th November 2015

Call me sheltered if you will but Vanessa Forero isn't a name you'd expect to hear when you think of an indie-folk singer from Bradford. Nevertheless, that is exactly what we have here, albeit via a Colombian birth, so I'd best get over my preconceptions and misconceptions and get on with my job of giving my humble opinion. This latest release from Forero, 'Heaven Knows','s stunning. Sumptuously rippling guitars roll like water over age smoothed pebbles before Forero's smooth but assured voice breaks over the horizon like the most gloriously golden sunrise you've ever seen. A subtle stomping beat joins in and suddenly that South American passion and vista is there for everyone to see, hear and generally be in awe of. There are so many influences at play here from the country guitars, and English folk to Navajo yelps and I swear there's a Didgeridoo in there somewhere as well. It's not often the PR hype is matched by the music but in this case I'm completely sold. The only mystery is why Vanessa Forero isn't getting booked for bigger stages, bigger audiences and moving on to bigger things.

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Live Dates:

13th November - Parr Street Studios, Liverpool

17th November - Ear Music  Open Mic, London