Tors - Fool On The Floor 
Tors - Fool On The Floor

Release Date: 13th November 2015

So, legendary guitarist Burt Weedon begat at least one child and that child begat at least two more sons and those sons grew up in Devon before heading off to London with some mates to create music under the name of Tors. That's the biblical version anyway. The band are releasing 'Fool On The Floor' as their next single and it's an indie pop stomper that fills you with the kind of glee that the Polyphonic Spree used to but with a more English approach to songwriting. The band have been likened to Coldplay but Coldplay were never this much fun, I'd say these guys were more like the Feeling before they got stuck down a ballad cul-de-sac. The real story here, however, is that on a budget that stretches to a gold onesie and a borrowed vacuum cleaner, Tors have created one of the most fun, watchable and genuinely uplifting videos I've seen in a very long time. Seriously, if you haven't seen a man in a VERY figure hugging gold suit dance like nobody is watching around an empty church hall then you need to. Now. I'm not kidding, there's a link to rows down, go!

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11th November - The Troubadour, London
5th December - Westfield, London

18th December - Westfield, London