The Slow Readers Club - Plant The Seed (Scruff Of The Neck Records) 
The Slow Readers Club - Plant The Seed

Release Date: 20th November 2015

Mancunian electro nutjobs The Slow Readers Club are back with a new single and a nice little UK tour to whet your whistle. Apart from having a stunning piece of cover art, 'Plant The Seed' also has a big ol' set of electro testicles (just say that out loud, electro testicles). Slick and sexy synths dance flirtatiously with a simple but pumping beat and suddenly you're transported to the centre of a dance floor with the whole club watching on as you pull of the best dance moves of your life. Broodingly harmonious vocals and a sense of cool run through this like a glow stick glaring through the night sky leaving streaks of melody and light in its wake. These chaps are already making waves but there's an electro tsunami on its way so cover your electro testicles and put on your electro goggles. Electro.

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Live Dates:

6th November - The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
14th November - Corporation, Sheffield
20th November - The Packhorse, Leeds
27th November - The Magnet, Liverpool
28th November - Gorilla, Manchester
5th December - The Ferret, Preston

12th December - The Classic Grand, Glasgow