The Migrant - Silence (DevilDuck) 
The Migrant - Silence

Release Date: 13th November 2015

Thanks to having the volume turned up way to loud in my headphones, Danish outfit The Migrant nearly deafened me with the opening bars of their new single which is, ironically, called 'Silence'. Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up, can you? Once I'd adjusted the volume, I settled down in to the dreamy, beanbag like tune that features warm, comfy guitars and a beat that shuffles so much it might as well be trying to go for a pee first thing in the morning. There are some nice, subtle organ chords and a fairly non-committal vocal performance which makes for the perfect music to drift away to on a lazy afternoon. So roll yourself a fat one, get comfortable in your beanbag and let The Migrant carry you away - just check your headphone volume first. Safety first poeple.

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Live Dates:

21st November - Mohawk, Austin
23rd November - Paper Tiger, San Antonio
24th November - TBA, Houston
25th November - Gasa Gasa, New Orleans

29th November - The Living Room, Brooklyn