The Abstracts - Smells Like Summer 
The Abstracts - Smells Like Summer

Release Date: Out Now

It seems odd to release a single in the Autumn with a title of 'Smells Like Summer' but I've decided this title must refer to the smell of a girl called Summer and how amazing that smell is. For example, I've got a pair of old football boots that smell like Peter Beardsley - not that I'm about to write a song about those boots or Peter Beardsley. Anyway, back on topic, Cambridge chaps The Abstracts are releasing the aforementioned track whether I like it or not so I might as well take a listen. Musically, this tune is drenched in summery vibes with jangly guitars, stompingly defiant drums and a gravelly vocal that reminds of early Stereophonics material. This is fairly standard lad-indie in the vein of the Pigeon Detectives or Hard-Fi which isn't a crime but doesn't really get my juices flowing. That said, there's plenty of energy here and a definite melody so whatever Summer smells like it can't be that bad.

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21st November - The Portland Arms, Cambridge