Role - Full Of Magic 
Role - Full Of Magic 

Release Date: Out Now

Role originally hail from Madrid but have recently relocated to London, presumably in search of golden pavements, a damp climate and inferior cuisine. Oh, and fame. Whatever their reasoning, they have brought with them a nap sack full of beats, bleeps, wobbly synths and processed vocals that make for a truly confusing but enthralling listening experience. This new single, 'Full Of Magic', is perfectly named as listening to this track is like being transported through the looking glass in to a slightly skewed, electro Wonderland where Alice has tattoos and a robotic hand. If you're looking for comparisons then you really ought to try being less lazy but I guess you could look at the likes of Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin or a slightly less light-hearted Lemon Jelly. Whatever you think of them, hearing their music twisting and jerking out of an East London bar would not sound out of place so I think they may just have found a home for themselves. For now....

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