Robyn Regan - Oh I 
Robyn Reagan - Oh I

Release Date: Out Now

Despite sounding like the confused utterances of a tightly strung Bronte sister, the new single from Londoner Robyn Reagan, 'Oh I', is actually the perkiest of all perky pop songs. From the jaunty, 80s inspired guitar line to the lyrics of love that goes unspoken delivered by Regan's sugary sweet vocals, you can't deny that this is the kind pop that should be shifting big units. Think Carly Rae Jepson or Taylor Swift before she went all world domination on our asses or, if you're thinking laterally, this is the English version of Meghan Trainor. Catchy doesn't even start to cover it and, for once, somebody has written a love song with the phrase "should I bake it in a pie?" contained in the chorus. Genius.

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21st November - Stratford Centre Christmas Lights, London

26th November - Winter Wonderland, London