Reigning Days - Friendly Fire 
Reigning Days - Friendly Fire

Release Date: 26th November 2015

Three broodingly handsome chaps in a variety of black attire making a racket in the sleepy coastal town of Teignmouth. It has to be Muse, right? Wrong. New pretenders to the rock throne are starting to make themselves heard and those pretenders are Reigning Days. This new single, 'Friendly Fire', kicks off like a kookier version of Band Of Skulls before the heaviness kicks in with Matt Bellamy's swagger but it's less eccentric Maths teacher and more a defiantly unique band of brothers. The metronomic tick-tock rhythm maintains throughout despite the Royal Blood-esque onslaught of bass and guitars. Imagine standing your ground as the mighty Mississippi breaks it's banks and the water comes rushing through you full of debris and urgency. This is infectious, infused with a nervous energy and utterly perfect for a good stomp or an angry drive so on this evidence it can't be long until these guys are storming bigger stages and impregnating the first six rows with their rock'n'roll genes. Poor old row seven, eh?

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