Luke Cusato - Bodies 
Luke Cusato - Bodies

Release Date: Out Now

Liverpool lad Luke Cusato is one of those frustrating talents that is teetering on the fine line between heartfelt tender genius and bland boyband emotions by numbers. New single 'Bodies' shows a lot f promise and Cusato's voice could certainly stand up to the Smiths and Bays of this world and the tune starts off like it's going to rip your heart out the way Elbow do with the change of a key. But some 80s guitars and a lack of real climax leaves me a little disappointed in this tune which is a crying shame. It's not quite pop balladry by numbers but I think someone has drawn the outline for Cusato to colour in which leaves him in the position of not being able to push the boundaries as much as he could. There's better stuff to come from this guy though, I'll put a tenner on that.

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