Jeff Wootton - The Eternal 
Jeff Wootton - The Eternal

Release Date: Out Now

There aren't enough musicians called Jeff these days. Or Geoff, for that matter. Mancunian soloist Jeff Wootton, then, is a rare treat in that he's a musical Jeff and, just to put the cherry on the cake, his debut single is also a bit special. 'The Eternal' see the sometime Damon Albarn, Noel Gallagher and Damo Suzuki collaborator breaking out the rare African instrumentation (the Imzad for instrument spotters out there) and creating a wonderfully dark but energising sound. The strum of the acoustic strings is sewn together by the slithering Imzad and if you close your eyes you can almost see the campfire flames licking the night air. There's a 'world music' vibe, for sure, but also the likes of Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Hunter S. Thompson can be felt if you let the music wrap around you. Jeff has been around and played with some big hitters so it's only right that he strikes out on his own but you have to admire the balls of releasing such a minimalist and stringently non-commercial tune as a debut single. A tip of my cap to you, sir.

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23rd March 2016 - Night & Day Cafe, Manchester