Husband Material - Talk Too Much 
Husband Material - Talk Too Much

Release Date: 27th November 2015

Well this is a delight. Some thoroughly English guitar based pop with a sultry swagger and a real sense of cool. Husband Material's new single 'Talk Too Much' is a blend of Franz Ferdinand, Orange Juice, Vampire Weekend, Hot Hot Heat and, weirdly, the Human League's kids messing around in a rural recording studio on a dreary weekend. Perky guitars, spiky drums and the kind of vocals that would invade your personal space at a house party and, while you would feel uncomfortable, the smell of French cigarettes and whisky is undeniably intoxicating. This is pop that has grown up and has a decent job but still buys comics and goes to obscure indie karaoke shows in Islington. That's the kind of pop I can hang out with.

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