Elvis Perkins - I Came For Fire (MIR) 
Elvis Perkins - I Came For Fire

Release Date: Out Now

It's a bit like being called Pele and having a kicking about in the park if you're named Elvis and decide to take a bash at being a musician. The pressure must be immense but if you can shoulder it then you might just be able to have something of a career, like Elvis Perkins who is in the middle of an extensive world tour. This new single from the hard working musician, 'I Came For Fire', is a muted and shuffling piece of Jazz influenced indie-folk that could have been recorded at any time over the last 100 years such is the wonderfully lo-fi quality of the recording. There is an early morning, creeping sun rise quality to this tune but not with the optimism you might expect at day break, more the feeling that this is the last sunrise you will ever witness as you head in to battle or to the gallows to meet your maker. I would recommend checking out Elvis Perkins at a live show but make sure you order a whisky or a large glass of red, this is music to sip to.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/ElvisPerkinsMusic/?fref=ts

Watch The Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/6C3gL4v5wWo

Live Dates:

11th November - Bogen F, Zurich
12th November - Fri Son, Fribourg
13th November - Studio Foce, Lugano
14th November - Covo Club, Bologna
15th November - Biko Club, Milan
16th November - Sala Apolo La 2, Barcelona
19th November - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
20th November - Cluny 2, Newcastle
21st November - Gullivers, Manchester
22nd November - Hounds & Hare, Birmingham
23rd November - Crofters Rights, Bristol
24th November - Victoria, Dalston
26th November - La Sirene, La Rochelle
28th November - Stereolux, Nantes
1st December - Botanique, Brussels
2nd December - Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing
3rd December - La Lune des Pirates, Amiens
4th December - La Laiterie, Strasbourg
5th December - La Rodia, Besancon
6th December - La Cooperative de Mai, Clermont-Ferrand
8th December - La Fleche d'Or, Paris
10th December - Helsinki, Hudson
11th December - Berlin, New York
12th December - Berlin, New York
14th December - The Garrison, Toronto
15th December - Petit Campus, Montreal Metro Area

16th December - The Columbus Theater, Providence