Treetop Flyers - Dance Through The Night (Loose Music) 
Treetop Flyers - Dance Through The Night

Release Date: Out Now

When I left London 3 and a bit years ago, the tune that was playing in my car as Chiswick disappeared in my rear view mirror was the undeniably beautiful 'Rose Is In The Yard' by Treetop Flyers. Ever since then I have been unable to listen to that song without feeling wistful but I've also been waiting for this bunch of countrified city gents to hit big. So far, they haven't quite fulfilled their promise but times, well, they are a changing. New single 'Dance Through The Night' is a six and a half minute romp through psyche'n'roll melodies played out in an abandoned cinema in LA with a Terry Gilliam inspired video. What Treetop Flyers do so wonderfully is to put a sound to the concept of subtlety as delicate guitar flicks, understated drumming and some soporific vocals all weave gently together like sand dune reeds in a warm breeze. The lavish organ solo and Doors-esque call to action of the repeated refrain, "dance through the night", show how much these guys have developed their sound and how much care they have taken over that process. This might only be a single but there are more ideas here and more hidden corners to explore than most album these days so tune in, download and freak out. Or just have a nice cup of tea and listen to some awesome music, it's your call.

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21st November - Whisky Sessions @ Victoria Warehouse, Manchester w/I Am Kloot + Tim Burgess + British Sea Power + Dodgy + more...