Trash - Urban Glow EP (Clue Records) 
Trash - Urban Glow EP

Release Date: Out Now

The latest missive from my faceless friends in Leeds, Clue Records, features a new EP from Chesterfield chaps Trash. Firstly, I can't believe that there hasn't been a band named Trash before so kudos to these guys for going back through the list and picking that one up after everyone else had moved on. Now, a good name is a good start but how does the EP stack up behind that title choice? Well, it starts with a bit of a bug bear for me in that there is a 48 second track that opens the EP just called 'Intro'. Along with 'All I Want', 'Intro' has to be one of the most overused album track titles, at least give it the name of the girl/boy you want to get freaky with and earn yourself some sexy points. Musically, it's a dreamy, guitar based opening that promises as much as a sunny Saturday morning does to a teenage boy with pocket full of coins, a bike and no particular place to be. Bleeding seamlessly in to '4 Miles', the EP soon takes on a 90s indie-pop vibe with more than a hint of Swim Deep about proceedings.

'Drift' follows on as track three and those dreamy guitars are in evidence again before a clatter of drums and some spaced out, Stone Roses vocals give things a sense of urgency through a haze that suggests a lack of any place to be. EP title track 'Urban Glow' is a more sinister affair with the bass taking more prominence for the first time on this collection but nevertheless that light, carefree, summery vibe is still in full effect. It's a strange mix of Madchester, Teenage Fanclub, Swim Deep and the montage soundtrack to a happy bit in any Shane Meadows flick - it shouldn't work in 2015, it should sound dated and too recent to be retro but it actually does offer something that hooks you in and makes you feel refreshed. The EP closes with 'Sad Boys (All I Wanna Do)' which has a more late 80s indie feel to it with some woozy melodies and insistent drumming that punctuates the rambling sentences that song seems to be made up of. I'm not completely sold on this on but if we had just met on a blind date I'd definitely look Trash up on Facebook and, based on any mutual friends, probably give her a call next time I was heading out to a gig. Or a pub quiz.

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Live Dates:

28th October - JD's Lounge, Dronfield
30th October - The Cornershop, Sheffield
8th November - Headrow House, Leeds
16th November - The Hop, Wakefield

22nd November - Plug, Sheffield