The Velvet Hands - Games/Who Cares (Jam X Recordings) 
The Velvet Hands - Games/Who Cares

Release Date: Out Now

OK, I know I'm a little bit biased, but in all my years on this earth I have never felt like there is such a swell of talent and excitement in the music venues and creative corners of the South West of England. Sure, it's my neck of the woods so pinch as much salt as you want but I am now discovering at least one band a week from this neck of the woods doing fine things in remote locations. The latest to hit my ears are Cornish duo The Velvet Hands who have a great band name and a sound so raw that you just want to bite down and hope it's sushi. This debut single is a double-A side and begins with 'Games' which is three and a half minutes of clattering, scratchy, raw and unhinged garage rock which only fools wouldn't dive head first in to. Sure, there's a bit of Libertines in there and some early Strokes but most of all there is a couple of lads having a whale of a time with some electric guitars and messy hair. The other half of this release is 'Who Cares' which is a little more thoughtful with a sleazy, slinky guitar line slicing through the middle as this punk ballad unfolds in all its broken-glass and broken-hearts glory. I don't get the impression that these guys are trying particularly hard which is was makes it so appealing  - two mates, two guitars, about four chords and lip curl to die for. Vive la revolution, la revolution de Westcountry.

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4th December - The Underground, Plymouth w/Yak