Parlour Tricks - Lovesongs/Requiem (Bar/None Records) 
Parlour Tricks - Lovesongs/Requiem

Release Date: Out Now

I feel like I should have heard about these guys and girls already but I haven't  and that seems like a real shame. Anyway, I've heard about them now and it is my duty to ensure that any of you fine people out there who haven't already had the pleasure don't go any longer without some pleasuring. The first track on this double A-side is 'Lovesongs' and immediately the New York six piece draw you in with a furtive electro rumble followed by some sultry vocals and delicately placed piano notes. This is the sound of dawn breaking over a city skyline on a day when you've decided to change things so the anticipation and excitement just builds and builds throughout like something rising inside your every sinew. 'Requiem' continues the rumbling keys motif but makes more of the triple vocal effect with harmonies and riot girl shouted backing vocals adding layer upon layer. Some scratchy guitars and subtle beats all add to the soup and that day which started so well on 'Lovesongs' is just getting better and better. It's not an exact fit but if LCD Soundsystem were ever to perform again these guys would be the perfect opening act but that will have to happen soon as these six will outgrow support slots fairly soon if there is any justice in the world.

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Live Dates:

13th November - Spirit, Pittsburgh
15th November - Motr Pub, Cincinnati
17th November - Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
6th December - Billboard Lounge at Barclays Center, Brooklyn

8th January - Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn