Memory Flowers - Cartwheels 
Memory Flowers - Cartwheels

Release Date: Out Now

Cricklewood. The centre of the musical universe. Or not. Either way, quartet Memory Flowers hail from that neck of the London woods so you should give their new single, 'Cartwheels', a listen and see what the Cricklewood sound is all about. On first listen, the Cricklewood sound is one of simple but soaring melodies and ambitious, horizon scanning pop hooks that were conceived in the 80s despite coming of age in the age of austerity. Snow Patrol-esque deadpan vocals are the perfect balance to those synths and guitars that just won't quit with the soaring optimism and edge-of-the-future vibe. This is music to finish High School to or the soundtrack to the moment that you get that thing you want that has eluded you for so long - whether it be the girl, the boy or just to get the hell out of your dead end town/relationship/job. One thing is for sure, I want some of the water they're pumping in to Cricklewood these days.

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