Lola Lamour - Double Agent 
Lola Lamour - Double Agent

Release Date: Out Now

Lola Lamour and her occasional band the Lamours have a unique sound for 2015 although it borrows hugely from the 1940s so it's not that unique in the grand scheme of things. Unique or not, however, it is definitely glamorous and that is certainly something to celebrate these days. This single, 'Double Agent', is taken from a new EP and it's a saucy little number made almost entirely of silk. Low and dirty guitar and bass are draped in Miss Lamour's smooth voice while the drums jab along to keep things swinging. The thoughtful use of a horn section adds in a sense of authenticity but there is some that irks me about this track. Musically it proficient and has a good sense of fun but if this was a Eurovision entry it wouldn't sound out of place which, for me, means there is a little too much novelty in there for my liking. Still, put me in a room with this band playing and everyone in period dress and I would swing with the best of them so it's not all bad.

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Live Dates:

30th October - The George Hotel, Lichfield
14th November - Northfield Centre, Stafford
29th November - The Burtey Fen Collection, Lincolnshire
10th December - Weston Hall

31st December - Weston Hall