Johnny Borrell & Zazou - Black God (Atlantic Culture Records) 
Johnny Borrell & Zazou - Black God

Release Date: Out Now

Every now and again, the music world takes against someone for one reason or another and for a while that thorny crown belonged to Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell. To be fair, he brought it on himself with some awful music and rock star behaviour that he, frankly, hadn't earned yet but it's still cruel when one person gets singled out. Fair play to the man, though, he keeps churning out the music and here we have the latest single in the shape of 'Black God' - even the title suggests he's still courting pretention but let's keep our minds open, shall we? A sinister banjo riff accompanies some fairly primal chanting and, frankly, a beast of a moustache. The tune layers up like a group of jazz buskers freestyling in a Parisian square on a sunny Saturday afternoon while Borrell yelps and scats like a man losing his mind to Absinthe and shoes that are too tight. As a song, it's fairly inoffensive and has a certain catchiness to it but the resounding question is why? Why was this song created and what purpose does it serve other than a vehicle for a moustache?

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