Jess Thristan - From Me To You (Better Than Cake Records) 
Jess Thristan - From Me To You

Release Date: 27th November 2015

Normally, a singer from Halifax doing a cover of a classic Beatles tune wouldn't catch my interest by Jess Thristan isn't just any singer and this isn't just any cover (don't worry, I'm not about to go all M&S on your ass). 'From Me To You' is already a beautiful song about the purist form of love but Thristan's treatment of the song, aided by a 22 song orchestra, is, well, epic. Starting with a simple piano line and the kind of vocal that John Lewis would kill for at Christmas, the song soon swells and builds subtly in to the sort of song people will be getting engaged or dancing their first dance to in years to come. When Thristan sings "I've got arms that long to hold you" you believe it and anyone left without a lump in the throat and the sting of a tear in the eye is emotionally stunted. Simple, beautiful and I'm sure the Fab Four would thoroughly approve.

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Live Dates:

12th November - Fallow Cafe, Manchester
13th November - Glyde House, Bradford
26th November - Spice Of Life, London

28th November - The White Rabbit, Leeds