High Safari - White (Good Morning Records) 
High Safari - White

Release Date: Out Now

I really, really hate to judge a book by its cover but when a band called High Safari with a single called 'White' and members called Nigel, Quentin and Josefine I have to admit that my UKIP alarm went a bit mental. But something tells me this isn't going to be an anthem for Farage and co. so let's dive in and leave our inhibition trunks on the beach. The tune itself is actually a delightfully ramshackle indie-pop tune with Libertines meets the Flaming Lips undertones and a deliciously wonky summery vibe running through the middle. Traces of Best Coast and Tennis appear in the guitars and the vocal harmonies are to die for as they waft through the late summer air, undulating beautifully. This is indulgent and intelligent, opulent and opportunistic but most of all it is utterly uplifting. So not like UKIP at all then - use that in your next press release. I dare you.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/Highsafari?fref=ts


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