Get Inuit - I Am The Hot Air (Alcopop! Records) 
Get Inuit - I Am The Hot Air

Release Date: Out Now

The superbly named Kent combo Get Inuit have a new single out for your listening pleasure in the shape of 'I Am The Hot Air' so strap on your listening coconuts and get on wi'it. There's a real slacker pop vibe going on here that the likes of Weezer, the Wannadies or Silver Sun have been trading in for years and it's no surprise to see the drummer sporting a Sub Pop T-shirt in the video. This is exactly the kind of single I would have lapped up in the 90s and it still gets me excited. The drums pound, the guitars zip and slide all over the place and the vocals are superbly unique which is a rare commodity these days. In all seriousness, these guys could easily become the darlings of the nerd-rock scene and I would expect the American market to go nuts for the slick slacker indie pop thang that these guys have got going on.

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Live Dates:

28th October - Soup Kitchen, Manchester w/Broken Hands
29th October - Broadcast, Glasgow w/Broken Hands
30th October - Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham w/Broken Hands
1st November - Start The Bus, Bristol w/Broken Hands

2nd November - Green Door Store, Brighton w/Broken Hands