Fine Fine Titans - Mistress (CI Records) 
Fine Fine Titans - Mistress

Release Date: Out Now

'Mistress' is the debut single from Grand Rapids trio Fine Fine Titans and it is quite the noise. An absolute cluster bomb of drums are laced together by some laser beam guitars and the twin vocals. This is labelled as post-hardcore but to me it's more like a slick, pop-metal with the musicianship to stand shoulder to hairy shoulder with heavy rocking peers but the melodies and hooks that wouldn't be out of place on a Taylor Swift or Avril Lavigne album. There's a fair amount of screaming and some slightly emo lyrics ("oh my dear, what have you done?") but overall this is an interesting and refreshing take on the metal genre with some lightness to offset the mandatory weight of the tune. Like I said, quite the noise.

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Live Dates:

7th November - Camp H Skate Park, Grand Rapids w/Eidola + Que Sera + Of Virtue

19th November - Album Release, Grand Rapids w/Anchors Calling + Rip VanRipper + Blisshead