Christina Martin - Take Me Back In A Dream 
Christina Martin - Take Me Back In A Dream

Release Date: Out Now

Nova Scotia. I've always loved the name Nova Scotia and really hope to visit the Eastern Canadian peninsula one day but, for now, I shall have to make do with some of the traditional local music from songstress Christina Martin. The soloist's new single, 'Take Me Back In A Dream', is as haunting and chilling as it is enthralling and enticing. Channelling the likes of Sia, Kate Bush and Ani Di Franco, Martin has a quietly assured elegance about her voice that I haven't witnessed since a young Annie Lennox took the pop world by storm. The stylish video which perfectly accompanies this track is a real work of art and a joy to watch as well but it is the voice and songwriting of Christina Martin that really impresses here. Anyone with half a soul will be left feeling raw and emotional after experiencing 'Take Me Back In A Dream' and if this just washes over you then you have possibly never loved and have almost certainly never lost which, in turn, means you have never really lived. Simply beautiful stuff.

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Live Dates:

7th October - Sunrise International Film Festival, Pugwash NS
10th October - Patchworks Concert, Bedford NS
16th October - Glasgow Square Greenroom, New Glasgow NS
24th October - Petite Rivere Vineyard, Petite Riviere NS
13th November - The Capital, Fredericton NB
14th November - The Seahorse Tavern, Halifax NS
17th November - Petit Campus, Montreal QC
19th November - The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON

20th November - Irene's Pub, Ottawa ON