Ben Phipps feat. Ashe - Sleep Alone 
Ben Phipps feat. Ashe - Sleep Alone 

Release Date: Out Now

Ben Phipps doesn't sound like a particularly Swedish name but I am assured by the press release that Mr Phipps is indeed a Swedish born producer employing the talents of US chanteuse Ashe. This latest release, 'Sleep Alone', has a subdued piano intro that creeps in to view like daylight seeping around your curtains on a sunny Tuesday morning. The bassline and beats join in without any great fanfare and soon the whole tune is bobbing along nicely with Ashe's soulful vocal snaking through the morning air and a feeling of optimism spreading through every beat and bar of this tune. Too lively to be classed as chill out and not clubby enough to be trance, Phipps has carved out a nice little dance niche for himself and it's pretty cosy in there.

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