Lionface - Battle EP (Hunted Records) 
Lionface - Battle EP

Release Date: 24th September 2015

Bristolian quartet Lionface always make me think of Alan Partridge for some reason but that's more down to their name than their music. On this forthcoming EP, there is no room for messing around as they hit the ground with an ominous stride on 'Vampire' treating us o the musical bastard child of Skunk Anansie, Florence + The Machine and Tool. 'Living' keeps the pace up with striding guitars, soulful vocals and a mechanical sounding beat that is as relentless as it is infectious - not to mention the creepy child like backing vocals and epic, Faith No More-esque chorus. Lazy journalists might call this Ellie Goulding with a heavy rock band behind her instead of electro pop chirruping but this is more than that, more soulful and more substantial.

On 'Eclipse' Lionface take things to a more electro spectrum with a sound that Clean Bandit would be too scared to approach such is the visceral, high octane energy behind the brakeless juggernaut that is ploughing remorselessly towards some bastion of corporate control. The EP comes to a close on 'No Hope State' which is, by all accounts, a more slow and morose number, like a ballad sung by some sexy alien in the bar in Star Wars to a heartbroken Han Solo. All in all, Lionface do everything a lion does - the terrify with their roar, entice with their beauty and inspire awe with their grace.

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Live Dates:

25th September - The Louisiana, Bristol w/Nasty Little Lonely + Towers

26th September - Sebright Arms, London