L'Assassins - Fire Of Love (Pinata Records) 
L'Assassins - Fire Of Love

Release Date: Out Now

If you like pounding drums, raucously seductive vocals and dirty guitars then you're almost certain to love the new single from Minneapolis quartet L'Assassins. The Garage-punk fun of 'Fire Of Love' is part the Stooges and part occult with fire, whips, chains and a whole lotta leather in both the vicuals and the sound. A more patronising reviewer would pigeon hole these ladies as the perfect backing band for Jack White's new project, whatever that may be, but in all honesty I think they would eat lily livered Jack alive and only leave his smouldering leather boots as a reminder to the rest of the world. L'Assassins mean business but there sure is space for a little devilish fun along the way, make no mistake about that.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/LAssassins

Watch The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGBmyRKe85k&feature=youtu.be

Live Dates:

27th September - Foo Bar, Nashville w/The Tip + Deadly Lo-Fi
29th September - Brass Rail, Fort Wayne
30th September - The Wisco Bar, Madison w/The Rotten Tommys + Skizzwhores
17th October - La Divan Orange, Montreal