In Hoodies - She Got Caught 
In Hoodies - She Got Caught

Release Date: Out Now

In Hoodies is the marvellously titled project for the music of Turkish songwriter Murat and his collected cohort of musicians. 'She Got Caught' is the first video from this artist and the first thing to notice is the stunning artwork which could easily be the cover art from a critically acclaimed Japanese anime film. The second thing to notice is the warmth and expanse created by the simple strumming and plodding beat that herald the beginning of this song. Elements of David Kitt, Badly Drawn Boy and Snow Patrol are all in there which is not remotely what I was expecting but it seems to work. The video is straight outta left field but is enthralling and matches the mood of the music perfectly. A strangely understated debut but, like the man arriving at a party on his own and sitting in the corner staring at the floor, this will get noticed....eventually.

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Live Dates:

25th October - Byzantion Fest #4, Dorock XL
5th November - Bagimisz! Festival #5

19th December - Salon Iksv