Freezy - Boom 
Freezy - Boom

Release Date: Out Now

Freezy Boom sounds like something a toddler would say when being hit by a snowball but when you separate the words out, this is actually a London based urban music artist (Freezy) and his new single (Boom). 'Boom' starts with a mêlée of synthesized vocal sounds and some clicky, processed beats before Freezy himself starts spitting out some rhymes and name checking the Black Eyed Peas in the opening lines. There is a sinister meance to this track which is perfect for being pumped out of a shiny Benz with tinted windows while cruising through LA streets as the sun goes down. This is slick stuff with its chest pumped out and a seriously big chain hanging around its neck. Freezy is that rare thing in UK music in that he is coming at the industry with confidence and an attitude that he will make it whether the labels and money men buy in to him or not. Go forth, Freezy, go forth and lay down your grooves.

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